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          Cartridge Seal
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          Flowserve type QB replacement

          Product detail

           8130 Series seals are balanced pusher seals available in single configurations used for sealing environmentally restricted products in compliance with EPA and OSHA regulations. It is fully compliant with API 682 Type A requirements.



          v  Compact design: Can be furnished as a cartridge assembly and fit most API and ANSI big bore pumps

          v  Parts interchangeability between single and dual seals: Minimizes parts required in inventory.

          v  High balanced face option: Meets lowest international emission levels, less than 500ppm.

          v  Spring holder pumping ring designs.

          v  Heavy duty rotating face design: Minimizes distortion at high pressure.

          v  Wide face design: Reduce spring unit loading on seal face.



          v Metal Parts: 316SS

          v Rotating Face: Premium Carbon

          v Stationary Seat: Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide.

          v Springs: Has. C

          v O-Rings: Fluoroelastomer, Perfluoroelastomer.


          Operating Limits:

          v Pressure: Up to 50 bar (750 psig)

          v Temperature: Up to 205oC (400oF)

          v Speed: Up to 23 m/s 75 ft/s)                

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