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          About us


          Add: 02# Tongjiang west Road,JinGang Town,ZhangJiaGang City.JiangSu province.

          Tel:  +86-512-5810 3528 

          Fax: +86-512-5693 5782

          Mobie: +86-139 13296696



          Contactor:Reton Li


               Akman Seal, a professional supplier in designing, manufacturing of mechanical seals. Commitment to customer is our core value. Customer-focused, respect are our top priority.

              Akman is always emphasizing quality and service. We make our best effort to improve our management and technology, and trying to become a first rate quality as well. Fast responding and best service with high quality pruducts is one of our system features. Making progress everyday is what we did and doing.
              Upon more than 10 years accumulated experience, we can offer a wide range of mechanical seals for pumps, reactors, agitators and all other rotating equipments. After our team hard working, Akman products are widely used in power plant, petrochemical, textile & dyeing, food and brewery, pharmacy, water treatment, shipyard.

              Akman’s final aim is to be recognized as the best partner by our clients in providing customized programs, hands-on service and technical support. Our high performance products will help customers improve business performance and competitiveness, while helping them become more reliable, efficient and compliant.

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